Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Image: Disney Parks


Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Attraction at Walt Disney World

About this Attraction

  • Location

    Frontierland at Magic Kingdom

  • Attraction Type

    Water flume ride

  • Thrill Level


  • Recommended Ages

    Kids, tweens, teens, adults

  • Height Requirement

    Minimum height of 40 in (102 cm)

Journey to the Heart of the Bayou

Join Princess Tiana and the jazz-loving alligator Louis on their adventure through a sparkling bayou as they get ready for a festive Mardi Gras celebration. Along the way, you'll encounter familiar faces and make new friends, stepping into the next chapter of Tiana's inspiring story.

Lightning Lane Multi Pass Participating Attraction

Lightning Lane Multi Pass is a paid service that acts as Walt Disney World's express line system, allowing you to benefit from shorter wait times at select attractions. Before your visit, you can select 3 participating attractions along with their arrival windows via the My Disney Experience app. Once you're in the park and have used your first pass, you can make an additional selection (subject to availability). Lightning Lane Multi Pass also includes additional perks. Due to differing eligible attractions for Lightning Lane Multi Pass and Lightning Lane Single Pass, each pass is only valid for its designated attractions and cannot be used interchangeably.

Virtual Queue Attraction

This attraction uses a virtual queue and has no standard standby line. You must join the virtual queue via the My Disney Experience app at designated times or when slots are available. The virtual queue system assigns a boarding group, and you are notified via the app when it's your turn to experience the attraction. Alternatively, if offered, a Lightning Lane Single Pass can be purchased to bypass it.