Hudson Yards

Image: Hudson Yards New York

Innovation Meets Skyline

Hudson Yards, located on the west side of Manhattan, is a revolutionary neighborhood that has reshaped the New York City skyline. Boasting a seamless integration of luxury residences, high-end shopping, fine dining, and captivating experiences, Hudson Yards offers a brilliant urban environment. This development includes the 30 Hudson Yards skyscraper, the Vessel centerpiece, The Shed arts center, and more. It offers state-of-the-art office spaces, trendy boutiques, a plethora of dining options, and expansive public plazas, making it a destination where innovation and modernity thrive.




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30 Hudson Yards skyscraper in the New York City skyline
Image: Hudson Yards New York
30 Hudson Yards skyscraper
New York City skyline from Edge at Hudson Yards
Edge at Hudson Yards
Subway station entrance at Hudson Yards
Hudson Yards subway station
Shopping center at Hudson Yards
Hudson Yards shopping center
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Things to Do

New York City skyline from Edge at Hudson Yards


Experience Edge, a one-of-a-kind observation deck at Hudson Yards. This attraction is suspended in mid-air, providing spectacular 360-degree views from a height of 100 stories. Walk on the thrilling glass floor and lean out over the city with angled glass walls.

City Climb experience at Hudson Yards
Image: Hudson Yards New York

City Climb

Journey up a towering skyscraper, surpassing heights of 1,200 feet, and venture towards the open-air platform, where you can boldly lean out and embrace the views below.

Shopping center at Hudson Yards

Shopping & Dining

When it comes to shopping and dining, Hudson Yards offers an array of high-end stores, renowned luxury brands, and a range of culinary experiences.

Vessel centerpiece at Hudson Yards
Image: Hudson Yards New York


This spiral staircase is the centerpiece of Hudson Yards. It serves as a focal point to relish fresh outlooks of the city, presenting an array of heights, angles, and vantage points for discovery and delight.

The Shed arts center at Hudson Yards
Image: Brett Beyer

The Shed

Original works of art are commissioned across various disciplines, bringing together both established and emerging artists, spanning a wide range of artistic fields, such as hip-hop, classical music, digital media, literature, sculpture, and more. All kinds of inventive work are supported under one roof.

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