EVE at Universal Studios Hollywood

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EVE at Universal Studios Hollywood

This event is included with regular theme park admission.

Electrifying Celebration

Experience EVE at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, an electrifying New Year’s Eve celebration. During the event, enjoy several party areas featuring music and drinks. As the clock hits midnight, watch a pyrotechnics display that lights up the night sky.

Our Overview

EVE is a grand way to end the year. Not only can you experience Universal Studios Hollywood’s rides and attractions, but you can also conclude the day—and year—with a grand celebration, complete with music, fireworks, and more.


Fireworks Display

Fireworks light up the night sky as the new year begins.

Party Areas

Enjoy multiple live entertainment areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EVE an extra charge?

No, EVE is included with your regular theme park admission.

Where does the event take place?

EVE takes place at the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

Is there an age restriction for this event?

No, EVE does not have an age restriction.

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